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April 2013 found out I have Ovarian Cancer Stage IIIC. I had no symptoms before this. I am 48 and extremely active, work out 6 days a week, full time sales job. Married with a great support network. End of March 2013 I felt a lump 3 1/2 inches below my belly button while laying on my back. It didn't hurt so I thought I would see if it was still there when I returned from vacation. I called my GYN's office and explained what I felt when I returned from vacation a week later. They transferred me to the nurse who asked it I could come in that day. I had an internal exam and within 30 seconds the Doctor said "Yep I feel it - you need an ultrasound" I had an external and internal ultrasound in his office. I could not see anything recognizable on the screen. The Doctor sat me down in his office and told me I had a 13 cm Ovarian Mass. They wouldn't know if it was cancerous until surgery was done. He ordered blood work for a CA 125 test. (Mine test results came back at an elevated level of 800) Technician pointed out spots on ultrasound to the doctor while I was in the office. It was not a solid mass, but some irregularity and hardness. My GYN immediately referred me to an Gynecologic Oncologist. I had a radical hysterectomy, part of my colon removed, multiple smaller tumors removed. They did get everything they could see with the naked eye. I completed 17 sessions of Intraperitoneal chemotherapy. (Missed last one due to infection on port which landed me in the hospital twice in 10 days) Not a fun way to end chemo. Have lots of support getting me through this. Family, friends, work all going out of there way to be helpful. I cut my hair super short before surgery so I wouldn't have to hassle with it. I loved not having hair for the summer. It was so freeing and gave me so much more time in the morning to get ready. I tell everyone about the Buff ( I wore it all the time and loved it. Sept 2015 I am NED and feel incredible.

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November 25, 2013

Saint Charles, Missouri 63303

August 30, 1966

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